Liz Nord

Liz Nord is a documentary filmmaker and multi-platform producer who has produced and shown work in Europe, the Middle East and throughout North America. Her first film, Jericho’s Echo: Punk Rock In The Holy Land, a critically acclaimed documentary about young Israeli musicians, screened at over 100 festivals and venues worldwide and has been viewed by an estimated 100,000 people. In 2009, she shot a short documentary on-location in Haiti for musician Wyclef Jean’s charitable organization, Yele Haiti. In 2008, she ran MTV’s Street Team ’08—an Emmy Award-winning project wherein 51 state-based citizen journalists covered the 2008 presidential elections from a youth perspective, across all media platforms: web, mobile, broadcast and virtual. This effort contributed to the most influential youth vote in U.S. history.

Liz has also produced work for clients such as PBS Frontline World, JTA, Reboot and Tablet Magazine. When she’s not gallivanting around the globe with film projects, she is a media educator, lecturer, and columnist. Nord moved to Brooklyn from the San Francisco Bay Area, where she ran an organization teaching filmmaking skills and media literacy to underserved youth. She also served on the Board of Directors of the Bay Area Women in Film and TV. Her professional history is in designing award-winning websites and multimedia educational software. Contact Liz here.

Director’s Statement

Contemporary Jerusalem has everything I could ask for as a filmmaker: tension, hope, compelling characters, striking visuals, local issues with global implications, and a meaningful historical context. As a modern, Jewish woman, Jerusalem’s challenges resonate strongly with me, particularly those of gender discrimination and of tension between traditional values and modern life.

I admire the brave and innovative approaches that my film’s protagonists are taking to tackle these challenges. In meeting them, I have come to believe that the lessons learned in Jerusalem and shared through the film and multimedia project can serve as a model for collaboration and coexistence among diverse societies around the world.


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  • Ziv Maor (Parliamentary Assistant, Israeli Parliament and News Correspondent, Galey Israel Radio)
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