Explore Jerusalem as you’ve never seen it before.

Jerusalem Unfiltered is a work-in-progress project that immerses us in the richness of contemporary Jerusalem through a multi-platform approach to storytelling directly from the city streets. On the website, you’ll explore Jerusalem’s diverse neighborhoods and discover thematic tours featuring short video profiles of innovative political, social and cultural leaders who each have a personal stake in a particular area. These video profiles are then reconfigured into micro-stories for a location-based mobile app that delivers one-of-a-kind insights to tourists visiting Jerusalem actually and virtually.

Covering topics from Jerusalem’s cultural renaissance, to Israeli-Palestinian relations, Jerusalem Unfiltered deepens our understanding of the city’s hopes and challenges as we join some of its most interesting citizens in navigating the complexities of their cherished, misunderstood and fascinating city.

Visit the demo of the Jerusalem Unfiltered online experience.

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